When Should I Take My Child to a Freestanding Emergency Department?

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If you have children, a freestanding emergency department could be one of the most important places you visit. You hope your kids never come down with a serious illness or get severely injured. But, when someone needs prompt medical attention and relief, this facility has the staff and equipment to help. It is good to know when it is appropriate to bring children to this ER.

Benefits of coming to the freestanding emergency department

Everyone is going to have some minor physical ailments from time to time. Active kids are especially prone to injuries, and sicknesses come at all times in life. When these issues are more serious, emergency room help is required. People who bring kids to the freestanding ER do not have to make an appointment and can come at any time. This facility typically has shorter waits than hospital emergency rooms. Still, freestanding departments can help with any medical needs that a hospital ER treats.

High fevers

Fevers are common among children. This symptom is the body’s way of fighting infections and often accompanies various conditions. Parents should bring newborns to the freestanding emergency department for fevers of more than 100 degrees. For toddlers and older children, fevers of more than 102 degrees may require a visit. It is also a good idea to stop in if the child’s fever has not gone down in more than two days.

Difficulty breathing

When a child cannot breathe effectively, it could be the sign of a condition such as asthma or pneumonia. It could also mean the child is having difficulty in their cardiovascular system. Whether the child is having trouble drawing breaths or cannot breathe at all, immediate attention is necessary.

Severe bleeding

Scrapes and cuts are a part of a child’s life. Most of the time, a simple bandage can stop the bleeding and help mend the wound. More moderate bleeding may require stitches from the family doctor or the urgent care center. When blood is pouring out uncontrollably or spurting, the child should go to the freestanding emergency department right away. Here, the staff can get the bleeding under control and repair the injury that caused it. Also, bring kids to the ER when there is bleeding from a vital part of the body.

Traumatic injury

The family doctor can treat many injuries a child may suffer. When there is severe trauma to the child’s body, come to the freestanding emergency department. This is the right place to treat victims of car accidents, high falls or major bone fractures. Parents should not hesitate to bring kids here if the child has suffered a head injury either.

Be aware so you can act

If your child is in extreme pain or discomfort, you may not have much time to debate how to provide relief. Knowing when to come to the freestanding emergency department will get your child the right care quickly. For the most serious conditions and immediate needs, this ER is the right place to come.

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