Symptoms That Warrant a Trip to the Emergency Room

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If you find yourself in need of medical attention at any time, you should consider going to a freestanding emergency room. Freestanding emergency rooms can provide high-quality care to patients of all ages. The facilities are fully equipped to deal with a wide range of medical conditions. They are also usually open and ready to cater to patients at any time.

When to visit a freestanding emergency room

When an injury or illness occurs, a person should decide how serious it is and how soon to seek medical help. It is always beneficial to choose the right place to go to. Sometimes, a person may need to go to an emergency room for medical care. Here are some common symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

Chest pain

Chest pain can be caused by minor problems like stress or indigestion. In other cases, it is caused by serious medical emergencies like a pulmonary embolism or heart attack. Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine the exact cause of chest pain. If a person has unexplained chest pain that lasts for more than a few minutes, seeking medical help right away is always recommended.

A heart attack happens when an artery that supplies oxygen to the heart muscle ends up becoming blocked. A heart attack can cause chest pain that may last for a few minutes or longer. Sometimes, it can be silent and produce no symptoms or signs. Many individuals who experience a heart attack have warning signs hours, days or even weeks in advance. An early warning sign of blocked heart arteries can be ongoing chest pain episodes. These start when a person is physically active and are relieved by rest.

But during a heart attack, these symptoms can appear without any physical activity. Someone having a heart attack may experience pain spreading to the arms, neck, jaw, back or shoulders. Sometimes, a person may feel uncomfortable pressure or squeezing pain in the center of the chest that may last for more than a few minutes. It is also associated with fainting, light-headedness, nausea, cold sweating and shortness of breath. A person who may be having a heart attack should call 911 or seek emergency medical assistance.

Abdominal pain

Experiencing abdominal pain from time to time is not uncommon. But it is important for people to know when abdominal pain requires immediate attention. A person should see a health care provider right away if the pain is so severe that it is not possible to move without causing more pain. Getting help is ideal if a person cannot sit still or find a comfortable position. A person should also seek immediate medical help if the pain is accompanied by other serious symptoms like fever or persistent nausea and vomiting.


You should always watch out for signs and symptoms that may be indicators of serious conditions. Some common ones include chest pain and abdominal pain. Visiting a freestanding emergency room is always recommended. You can get high-quality care at these facilities at any time. The trained and experienced health care providers will ensure that all your medical needs are addressed.

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