Difference Between a Freestanding Emergency Room and a Hospital Emergency Room

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When a serious medical need arises, a freestanding emergency department could be the right place to go. If you are like many people, you might not know what separates this facility for a traditional hospital ER. As you understand some of the differences, you can make the right decision when you need treatment and care.

Typical conditions a freestanding emergency department can treat

No one ever plans on getting into an accident or having a serious illness. Still, everyone knows they will probably need medical attention at some point. For minor conditions, a trip to the family doctor may be enough to resolve the concern. However, when the patient’s well-being is at risk, an ER is a smart choice. A freestanding emergency room can see patients who have life-threatening conditions. These include difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, heart problems and severe bleeding.


A hospital emergency room is located within the facility. This grants patients and staff quick access to the rest of the hospital. However, a freestanding emergency department is not connected to a hospital. The building is not on a hospital campus and may not be anywhere in the vicinity of one. A freestanding department operates on its own.

Method of admittance

Most patients who go to the hospital emergency room will arrive by ambulance after calling 911. Conversely, most people come to the freestanding emergency department on their own. People may drive themselves to this facility or have a family member, friend or neighbor bring them. This walk-in method is common.

Wait times

When a person has a serious medical need, time is of the essence. It can be frustrating for patients to arrive at the hospital ER and have to wait for a diagnosis and treatment. Typically, people will wait longer here than they would at a freestanding emergency department. This is one of the biggest reasons why people skip the hospital and choose a freestanding facility.

Transferring to other areas

If a patient needs further care and attention, the hospital staff can quickly transfer that person to another area of the building. When at a freestanding emergency department, the transfer must occur via ambulance. Fortunately, this is usually a smooth, fast process.

Overall satisfaction

Every patient is different, but overall, people are more pleased with the service and experience at a freestanding emergency department. In the past, these facilities were for rural areas that did not have nearby hospitals. Today, however, more and more of these places are available to meet patients’ needs. The freestanding ER can treat a wide range of issues and has similar costs to a hospital ER.

Keep these in mind when your time comes

You hope to never need emergency care, but you are happy to know places are available to help. If a situation arises where you need treatment, understanding the differences between a hospital ER and a freestanding emergency department is important. Locate a facility close to you so you can be prepared when you or a loved one become ill or get hurt.

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